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    Pikes peak

    Thats one of my stops the last two weeks of august when I ride accross the states.

    Front brake calipers are locked HELP!!

    Watch "Performance Upgrades GSX-R750 Galfer Front Brake …" on YouTube Performance Upgrades GSX-R750 Galfer Front Brake …: Make sure u take off the master cylinder cap.

    Found an old motorcycle saftey/technique video from 1990

    Its important to know how to use all your braking power in all diifferent types of situations. Thats why its there. You shouldn't get into the habbit of just using your hand brake all the time. On the 8, unless you've got a different fork set up, you bite those fronts hard, and they lock up...

    Racing 905 Race Armor Half Cage?

    Ya and I think the pheonix goes in different place.

    Racing 905 Race Armor Half Cage?

    That looks pretty cool. I'm probably gonna get it. Phoenix products makes something similar for less.

    Engine protection cage or frame sliders

    Phoenix Products makes a combo half cage with built in slider.

    Hello...thought I'd share

    That's fun

    Where are these parts!?

    All I really want is that rear fender.

    Brake bulb part #, where to buy

    Check out yamaha parts monster or get the socket type and replace with a super bright LED
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    Went for a ride today

    You shoulda taken a pic up between that arch. That would be sick.
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    FZ8 Size

    You can get a good set of bar end mirrors from ebay for like 20 shipped. You should start with the forks, jack your preload on your suspension up to between 7-max, find out which ones good for you. Talk to rabbitman at affortable hid for the headlight, they've got payment plans. Use the...
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    New bike - most common/useful mods?

    I have to agree with motozen. Those are just rough estimates. Right now it seems the best prices I can find come from fastbikes cartridge kits and nitrons rear suspension. when i have the money im gonna set up a group buy thread for both and contact fastbike and nitron usa to see if we cant get...
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    Bestem USA Carbon fiber on my 8

    Also, back seat tail cover.
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    has anyone seen this diag 63 or 70 setting?

    I've got the full service Manuel. I'm gonna check it out.
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    Bestem USA Carbon fiber on my 8

    Pics of my bike are in the my picture album under my profile. Just click on it. I'm not taking anymore till all the parts are on. The rear hugger is sweet, you'll need some rubber washers you can pick up at any haddware store and drill them to fit so it fits snug. The parts bestem doesnt have...