Speed sensor 2012 abs


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Hi guys. Can anyone help me in the location of the speed sensor. Ive got the FZ8 2012 ABS Sport Edition. On another thread ive found that the speed sensor is near the engine number. But on my bike its blanked. Does it have anything to do with it being abs version. Thanks in advance any help much appreciated.

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This is unchecked information, but I think the ABS bikes use the ABS sensor rings rather than having a separate speed sensor.

What leads me to believe this is that when I changed the front sprocket to a smaller one the speedo reading was the same accuracy as before, I just get more revs at any particular cruising speed.


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If you're looking for wiring a gear indicator, you need to locate the cable that carries the info between ABS unit and ECU, wich is the white/yellow cable (pin 23 in the ECU bigger connector).

I have fitted a cheap chinese gipro clone in my ABS '12 (hideous under direct sun light, must say), and found the info with step by step manual with pictures in the Gipro homepage for the GPX-U01 wiring our model (wich I'm going to buy as soon as the cheapo dies. If the manuals are so good, the product sure is too).

This way of getting the speed signal from the ABS is fantastic, if you change the sprocket relation there's no added error to speedo.


Does anyone happen to know which ABS senosr is used for the speedo? Am i right in assuming its the front sensor?