FZ8 2011 throttle has no resistance


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Hi I just lubricated the 2 throttle cables/assembly etc.

On reassembling (which required I loosen the handle bar to move the throttle housing off to reassemble ) -- the throttle lever spins smoothly and I can feel cables moving smothly inside their cable housings - but there is just free play whe turning throttle lever !!! No resistance as in opening throttle and no snap back.

I started the engine and it runs on perfect idle - but does not respond to turning of throtte lever.

Can the top cable slip off/come off throttle end when fiddling around with the cables at the handle bar end? If so isn't this dangerous? I'll have to take side fairing off and have a look - was riding perfectly 2 days ago but felt dry so thought I would lubricate cables etc.

Thanks Greg


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You've likely jiggled the other end out of position on the throttle body. If you follow the cable you'll see where it's attached.
It'll be a bugger of a job to do without taking the tank and Airbox off but it's doable.