FZ8 2011 throttle cable adjustment only on 1 cable ??


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Hi I undid my throttle cable fitting on the handlebar to lbricate the 2 cables and throttle handle but cannot get the 2 cables to fit back on the cable disc. If the lower fit then the upper does not and visa versa - always one U bend plastic cover on one cable is too short to clip back into the cable square shaped end.

I found on you tube reference to adjstemnt on the cables hidden under a platic tube cover along the cable - but my bike only has one cable with this adjuster on it.

Is this correct? Or has someone in the past replaced one of the cables wih just a standard non adjustable cable?

It will help me to know how limiting adjustment is to get the two cables and their respective halves to go over the throttle wheel on the handlebar.

Thank you - much appreciated