Shipping your motorcycle


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If you ever have to pack up and move your entire life, and you own a motorcycle, the moving companies are going to charge you anywhere from $500-$2500 just for your motorcycle... and that range depends on how they pack it up. some will just lash it to the wall, others will box it up completely... Well I recently moved and didn't like any of the answers I got and most of the prices were over $1200 to move from DC to San Antonio. I asked around and one of the guys mentioned that he uses a company named Incognito Express. Fast, reliable, trustworthy... and definitely affordable.

Incognito Express. Enclosed Automotive Transport & Enclosed Motorcycle Transport. Nationwide.

I called them up, and for $800 a bike, they showed up, secured them in a covered trailer with no less than 4 padded tie down straps and had them delivered in like 3 or 4 days. REALLY quick and friendly.