Rocky Mountain ATV/MC and DHL


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A big thumbs up to both of these busineses. I ordered a set of tyres from Rocky Mountain on Friday night Australian time and apart from being $210 cheaper than I could buy them in Australia (even including a $68 shipping fee) they arrived at my front door the following Tuesday afternoon. :eek:

Rocky Mountain sent them Friday arvo (US time), DHL picked them up, processed them and they were out of the US by Saturday morning. That's a pretty impressive delivery schedule.

It takes longer than that to get stuffed shipped between capital cites in Australia not to mention the extortionate prices our distributors charge. They wonder why Australians are shopping overseas.
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Got a link mate?
What rubber you get?
Thanks for the link Fazed.

A bit of a mix Camo so I'm sure how it will turn out. I've been using Dunlop Q2's which I really like compared to the stock Bridgstones. I've got over 10,000km out of the front which is more than I got out of the stock Bridgstrone with more grip and better turn in so I got another Q2 for the front.

For the rear I only got 5,000km out of the Q2 which isn't enough. Dunlop has just released a new Qualifier that fits in between their touring tyre and the Q2. So I got a Qualifier for the rear. Hopefully the grip and profile wil be OK compared to the front and the wear a bit better than I got out of the Q2.