Popping noises when downshifting or cutting throttle


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Hey, so I get this backfire, popping noise when I blip the throttle or start to decelerate. I.have the bike for about 2 years. I remember having to blip throttle much more than I do now. I've read somewhere that its completely normal. Don't get me wrong, I love some popps from exhaust. I just don't want to have any major issues with the engine, or sort them before they become major. I am second owner of the bike. It has ~33k km if speedo is to be believed. Sti haven't done valve clearance check and didn't change spark plugs yet. Don't know if previeous owner did anything, but I have alot of bills from services that show what he did (have to check them as they are in german and I am from lithuania).

Any ideas about this? Should I worry?
That's normal, the addition of an aftermarket exhaust etc also makes it pop even more. I gutted the cat and added a slip-on so I had a lot of pops and I prefer a smoother sound so I eventually got AIS Block off plates from Graves that eliminated 90% of the pops and cleaned up the engine a bit.