New Sport Rack for FZ8?


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Planning to make a small trip I was searching for a tank bag or top box I came across this new item, does anybody have it or heard about it?

More info on this new product found at this forum:


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i think shad makes some nice products based on what i've seen, but i'm so discouraged by a very poorly coded website and a lack of availability in the usa...not to mention prices.

i'd love to get a pair of their seats but $400, really?


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Shad Service

i think shad makes some nice products based on what i've seen, but i'm so discouraged by a very poorly coded website and a lack of availability in the usa...not to mention prices.

i'd love to get a pair of their seats but $400, really?

Hi there....I was on the phone with Shad USA yesterday inquiring about two new products I read about for my FZ8. I know Shad products are available through my local Yamaha dealer, however I checked online and did not see these specific items for my FZ8. An FZ8 seat and a new "sport rack" they call it, to mount a top box. I had them on the phone for about 30 minutes (yeah, I can talk a lot, granted I had a lot of questions...), they were extremely helpful. I will be ordering a sport rack for my FZ8 (an awesome product I have NEVER seen before) and an accessory for my rear end: A new Seat!!

Shad quoted me $379 for the seat (Corbin came in at $449.00 plus shipping) and offered me a 10% OFF for registering on their and then posting pictures and feedback on the items I ordered. Satisfaction guaranteed...

Cannot go wrong with that!!

I am a happy camper! Will post pics as soon as I get everything in and installed.

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Hey FZ8fanatic,
Is the $379 for both seats, or just for the pilot?


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almost looks like a new concept - a backrest for the rider rather than for the pillion passenger!! Looks good although always wary of how heavily laden top boxes can affect bike balance. Side panniers provide lower centre of gravity. Having said that, speaking as a UK resident, FZ8/Fazer parts are hard to come by and this looks like a good quality product. Tankbags, also, can mess up the balance especially in crosswinds which are plentiful over here in Scotland :)


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Here's the video for installation of the top case.
Somewhere I saw one getting mounted on the FZ8.

[ame=]sportrackSHAD.mpg - YouTube[/ame]


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I think the backrest thing is completely useless. Unlike the passenger you can't recline enough to actually rest your back on the backrest...unless you have freakishly long arm. Only time you'll be able to rest your back on the backrest is the brief moment at a light when you shift to neutral and take your hand off the handlebar and lean back. That or you're parked and decided you need a seat with a backrest ^__^.


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I was going away over Easter for our annual blast through the Snowie Mountains so thought I'd finally treat myself to some hard luggage. The rack itself didn't fit. I'm not sure if I got a bad one or there is a difference in Australian bikes compared to Euro bikes. I had to do a bit of filing and bending to get it all to work like it does in the video. Now it's as simple as removing the pillion seat and then click click and it's installed. Click click and reinstall the pillion seat and it's gone. I got the Shad 40L box with the rack on the lid and that just barely held enough stuff for the 4 day trip. The box is easy to install and remove, locks securely and stayed water tight. But you can use any box you like with the rack as long as you have the correct mounting plate for your box.

In the past I've always used tail bags and they invariably slid down over time squashing me against the tank, or tanks bags that scratched the tank. This is the first time I've ever done a bike trip where I haven't had to worry about my luggage spoiling the riding experience.

So in short I think it's a brilliant idea and I'm not sure why they dont do this system for more bikes.

PS I wouldn't bother with the backrest option. There is a fair gap between the box and me when sitting on the bike.
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During March 2012 Lothodon made a comment about Shad's website being "poorly coded". I have gone through the process of placing an order for the Shad seat, just to the point of entering the credit card information and submitting the order. Nowhere on the ordering page does this site indicate it is using a SSL. There is no "https". There is no "padlock". I am not an expert on website security/encryption methods, but if I don't see the "https" or the padlock, I don't use the website for online transactions. If I am wrong about Shad's website security, I would appreciate someone explaining it to me.