Hello. Breaking in!


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Hi, figured I would drop in to see what is going on.

I just purchased by 9th motorcycle, that being a 2012 FZ8 (direct from the crate to my possession)

So far I have @175 miles on it, just barely begun to break it in. My impressions are this bike is comfortable, has plenty of smooth power, stops and turns when I want it to. Looking forward to 1000's of miles.



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When you say direct from the crate, do you mean you somehow skipped the dealer setup?

Sorry to be a n00b, but I hate the thought of other people working on my bike....lol


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welcome! I have to agree this bike is pretty comfortable and has a lot of great power!

enjoy and ride safe!


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How did you get it in the crate yet? I was told by the dealer that to not void the warranty, they had to set it up out of the crate.


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Called Dealer (Valley Cycle Center in Winchester, VA) --- Free plug, good shop.

They did not have a bike in stock, but found one near by still in a crate, had it shipped to them and setup just for me. So, yes I got one in a crate, but still built under Yamaha warranty requirements.... I did ask to have it shipped to my house and I would do it, but no go. I also asked to have it shipped to local speed shop, but nope.

So, besides the technician riding it from the garage to me (~100ft), no one has rode this bike but me. :)