FZ8- Tell Me About It! -Hard shifting?


If you go with BAUCE, he may still recall my scenario. Seems it was an odd-one, and like a very rare situation. I would put money on you NOT having my problem. He was exceptionally helpful with it all. Paid for shipping to try and figure it out. I even took the family on a 2-day road-trip to drive there and give him the ECU to flash.

Most shops just curious if you have a slip-on or full exhaust and any intake work. Typically, people have a simple slip-on and a K&N or similiar air filter (like me). It's nothing more than a copy/paste of an existing map they have done for a customer they had in the shop and created.


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Je suis également nouveau sur le FZ8SA à partir de 2017. Seulement 300 miles....

Et a été surpris de faire l'expérience du "changement difficile" entre les vitesses.
Absolument pas à comparer avec ma XJ6 2015 que je possédais de neuf. C'était très doux, sauf à partir de la vitesse 1 '.
Hi, I've added 4% of a product called P18 from Mecarun (french product) and since then, my gearbox is softer and it feels like my engine turns better


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My 2011 fz8 clunks into 1st pretty hard. I know its not unusual with these but still going to inspect the clutch this winter. I recently installed the ftecu data link, bike shifts a million times smoother after disabling inj cutout and adding some fuel to the decel areas of the map. Also changing the secondary throttles from 38 to 22 up to 1500 rpm got rid of the herky jerky roll on throttle.