Fuel pump not priming and hi temp and Er_1 code


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Anyone have a problem with the fuel pump not priming? Also hi temp and er_1 code on dash. A little back story. The bike was running a little rough after sitting awhile bogging out in lower gears and rpm’s but after riding a little it seemed fine again. I was riding the bike 3/4 times a week again and after one ride went to start it up and was dead so got a jump start by a car. Bike instantly fired up and rode home soon as I got off the highway the bike was idling a little funky like it wanted to die couple moments later it died, like everything went dead no power to the dash no nothing and battery was hot. The battery was pretty much dead after that so replaced it and replaced some fuses that popped and had power to the dash again but got the ecu error code and noticed the fuel pump wasn’t priming. I checked for loose or chaffed wires and could find anything and checked power to the fuel pump relay and was good. Could the ecu need to be replaced or maybe flashed? Any advice would be appreciated


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What you are describing seems not to be new to the FZ1 and R1 crowd. A great deal of the fz8 are bin parts from FZ1. If you haven't do so already might be worth your time to check their forums for possible answers.....I read a little and it appears to be wiring or your ECU so you are on the right track. Best of luck. Do share when you find the source.