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    what order does everything start to scrape?

    Its been A while since I have been on here so I might have missed this kind of post, but I am scrapping my exhaust now and would like to know what scrapes in what order before I drag parts that I shouldn't. First goes your feelers then exhaust then? Also I am unfortunately going to have to get...
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    when to lube your chain?

    my buddy bought a Honda 250 and the dealer told him to lube his chain after every ride. He ask if that was right so I told him whenever it gets wet for every thousand miles should be fine. how often do you guys lube your chain?
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    to the guys who have done every power mod

    Was it worth it? What's your gains HP/tq/mpg? What do you have invested in parts? Did it give you any problems (starting, missing, idling etc) I am saving up to buy a zx14 and people want me to put money in performance for this fz8. I like it the way it is and think moding the bike will only...
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    anyone know the best way to do a stoppie?

    I can stop on a dime but the rear never kicks up. Alot easier on the dirtbike. Anyone mastered this?
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    kicking from 2nd to neutral when pushed

    Anyone deal with this? Twice when I was WOT it kicked in neutral, and while I was riding a wheely it kicked in neutral. Starting to get tired of these yamaha quirks.
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    cold starts

    Is it just my bike or does anyone have to crank it over 6 times to get it to start? It was 65 degrees in the garage and 75 outside. It sputters a few times so then i start giving it a little gas and it sputters some more. By the time it starts I give it no mercy on the gas. The dealer said its...
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    help buying helm and bike mount camera

    All the stuff that has happened to me i want a helm cam. Then for gits-n-shiggles i want a front wheel action cam. I seen people talk about them but didnt see any advice on what to buy. The helm cam needs to be high quality and last for at least 30 mins. Night vision would be sweet as well. The...
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    made me laugh.

    Dyno-Boost Adjustable Fuel Controller Performance Chip Yamaha FZ8 - Authentic Magnum:Amazon:Automotive Lol
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    How deadly 30mph can be

    My buddy Colin. The reason I bought my fz8 in memory of him. He died on a shadow.
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    I need it sticky!

    These damn factory tires are going to kill me. I'm so pissed i am about to melt the rear one to the wire. I am a heavy rider and want a good sticky tire, any ideas? These factory ones slide so bad sometimes i end up facing the curb and have to make a left turn soon after i turn right. Most of...
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    looking for blue fz8 decal to cover gold on tank.

    I am searching for a blue fz8 decal to cover the gold one on the tank. I can't stand it anymore. As long as it is blue, it could say fz779 for all i care. If i cant find one i guess i will paint it black.
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    I hit a deer.

    I just figured i would put this out here for you guys. But going home from work a few weeks ago at night i hit a deer doing 40mph. I hit its butt then ran its leg over. The passing car thought i was toast, but i kept it up. Just my 2 cents here, but if you are gonna hit one I would suggest...
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    With your add ons, how much power are you making?

    I am thinking of leaving my bike alone unless i see some good numbers. But was wondering what did you add or have done and what gains did you get.
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    Newbie from Bloomington, Indiana

    Hello, i guess this makes for a test post huh? I just joined so i could find out the do's and dont's people have faced.I put some thought in to a r1 engine swap but figured i would find out everyone's info on power gains and see if its worth upgrading with bolt ons or just leave stock. If you...