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    FS: 2011 Yamaha FZ8 Nicely Modded

    Nicely equipped with stuff I bought and learned on this site! Here is a copy / paste of the Craigslist ad.. For Sale: 2011 Yamaha FZ-8 with a little over 12,600 miles (still going up as I ride year round). This has been my commuter & weekend warrior for almost five years (2nd owner) and...
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    Shad Passenger Seat for Sale or Trade

    SOLD! Do your passenger a solid! Upgrade the pillion seat! I'm selling my Shad passenger seat because I prefer the look of the cowl and do not carry a passenger anymore. It's black with gold stitching and piping and in mint condition. The seat has more surface area, better material and...
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    Passenger Bars & Rear Seat Cowl? Possible?

    I like the look and convenience of passenger grab rails - I like them to strap things and to move my bike around the garage. I don't like the fact that you have cut the tail. Anyway, does anyone know if you can put the Ermax cowl over the seat when you have the grab bars installed? Anyone...
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    WTB: Cowls, Guards, Stand, Rails, Seat

    I recently bought a FZ8, and even though the bike is nicely updated, I'm developing a wish list already Yamaha OEM or Ermax Lower Cowling Yamaha OEM or Ermax Seat Cowl Ermax Radiator Side Guards Yamaha OEM or SW Motech Center Stand Yamaha OEM Passenger Grab Rails Corbin or Sergeant Seat I...
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    SW Motech Alu-Rack Luggage Frame & Mount

    I recently bought a FZ8 that came with SW Motech Alu-Rack luggage frame & mount that I do not need. It is assembled but has never been installed. It comes with an additional universal top rack plate that will apparently fit Pelican, Shad, Givi, etc. I think these go in the $260 range. It is...
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    Has Anyone Ever Tried This Chin Spoiler / Belly Pan?

    Has anyone ever tried this chin spoiler / belly pan? It's half the price of Yamaha's, but I nothing come up in the forum or photo album search.... Ebay FZ8 Chin Spoiler / Bellypan How's the ABS Black compared to the color of the frame and tank? Did it fit OK?
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    Back in the Saddle on a FZ8, Springfield, Virginia, USA

    Hello guys and gals. I am the proud new owner of an 2011 FZ8 and I'm looking forward to being part of this forum. I just picked up the bike today - she had 4887 miles on her when I handed over the cash (thx CL) and she is now about to pass 5k already. I'm 40 years old and have been riding for...