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    We are back.

    The site was offline for awhile. We are on a new server now and will be up permanently.
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    Forum bug thread

    We have updated the forum to a newer version on Vbulletin. If you notice any bugs please post them here.. Thank you.. Dennis
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    FZ8 Forum Upgrade

    Hi Everyone. I will be upgrading the site to the same version as the FZ1 site. I will be doing this today so the site access will be offline for a few hours.
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    FZ8 Forum Site upgrade

    Hi Everyone I will be upgrading the sites software. I have already done it to the FZ1 site. FZ1 Forum International Yamaha FZ1 Community This will allow us to use the latest plugins ect on the forum. Comments are welcome.... Thanks
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    Help Admin's Wife...

    Hi everone. You may already know but my wife is a breast cancer survivor. She is now 5 years disease free (Thank you God!) She is competing in a obstacle / fitness course in Sept and is trying to raise money for the cause. If you have ever experienced cancer or know someone close that has you...
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    So Long FZ8, Hello Wicked Cool, High-Value Triple

    Looks like Yamaha will be replacing the FZ8 with the FZ-09 :eek: Rumors of a three-cylinder replacement for Yamaha’s crossplane YZF-R1 started at Intermot last year with an inscrutable exhibit promising new motorcycles with a “crossplane” inline-triple. It was a tease, of course...
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    site speed

    Hi all. I am testing out a new caching option on the server It should speed up page loads.. Let me know if you notice any increase or decrease Thanks Dennis
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    New Feature, The FZ8 Marketplace

    Hi Everyone. I am excited to announce a new service for members. We upgraded our marketplace to provide you with payment processing and buyer protections. Through our partner, Enthusify, you can list an FZ8 item for sale and buy FZ8 items right here on FZ8 Forum. Going forward, we will be...
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    Premium and Elite Memberships Available now

    Premium and Elite memberships are now available like on the FZ6 site Click here
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    Donation reminders.. Please ignore if you get one

    I just installed the donation software and it has a default setting to remind people to donate.. I have not figured how to turn it off Please ignore it! it is not my policy to solicit donations. It is completly volintary
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    FZ8-Forum.Com Terms of use.

    The FZ8-FORUM.COM Web Site (the "Site") is an online information service provided by DFB Information Systems Ltd. ("FZ8-FORUM.COM "), subject to your compliance with the terms and conditions set forth below. PLEASE READ THIS DOCUMENT CAREFULLY BEFORE ACCESSING OR USING THE SITE. BY ACCESSING OR...
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    Site and Server Take 2

    Site and Server Take 2 Hi All this site and the FZ1 site are now on the new datacenter server... ( Take 2 )..... Let me know how it is....
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    FZ8 forum game room / casino is working

    Just a fun way to waste some time Yamaha FZ8 Forums - International FZ8 Motorcycle Community Forum - Gameroom you bet with credits that you earn from posting and being active on the forum Enjoy
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    What did you pay for your Yamaha FZ8

    Hi All this thread is to give an idea of what everyone is paying for their FZ8's I saw one at a dealer here in Canada for $10,000.00 CAN.. What did the rest of you pay?
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    I met my First FZ8

    I went to Western Power Sports In Langley BC yesterday and met 2 FZ8's I sat on the naked version.. Bike felt alot like sitting on the FZ1.. I didnt have my gear as I was in my car so didnt get to test ride it but up close its a really nice looking Bike. I dont like the rear fender though.. The...
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    Forum Rules

    FZ8-Forum.Com Mission Statement: It is my goal that FZ8-Forum.Com continues to stand out as a unique and friendly family orientted site for FZ8 enthusiasts. It is a site that is friendly, clean and unique. That policy is reflected in the site content. Forum Rules: Respect other members...
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    FZ8 - Fazer 8 Coming to Canada

    Based on the successful FZ1 platform, the new Fazer 8 sports a 779cc, four cylinder engine that is tuned for plenty of low and mid range torque, making every ride an exciting experience. Just like its naked FZ8 cousin, the Fazer 8 is a brilliant "all-rounder" that can slice through city...
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    How did you find the site.

    For all of you that have become members of the site... how did you find it. I have been advertising it a few different ways and want to see what ones are most effective..:) Thanks Dennis
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    FZ8 Aftermarket Suppliers

    Aftermarket Suppliers for the Yamaha FZ8 If you are a vendor that has a COMPLETED product (no concepts please!) then submit your info in this thread and we'll add you to the list. We'll keep this thread updated with vendors who supply parts.
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    Forum Rules Mission Statement: It is my goal that continues to stand out as a unique and friendly family orientated site for FZ8 enthusiasts. It is a site that is friendly, clean and unique. That policy is reflected in the site content. Forum Rules: Respect other members Everyone...