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  1. hlmiskelly

    Out and About Photos

    How about a thread showing pictures of our FZ8s out and about? I'll start with this picture my '11 FZ8 taken a couple of months ago while cruising through downtown Huntsville, AL, on a Saturday morning.
  2. hlmiskelly

    New Tires

    After picking up an industrial staple in my back tire I decided to replace both with Michelin Pilot 3 tires. I had been impressed with Michelin Pilots on two previous bikes and thought they would be a good fit on the FZ8, especially since I've been outfitting it for light touring. Is anyone...
  3. hlmiskelly

    Removing Gas Tank Cover For Custom Painting

    I am interested in having the rear part of fuel tank cover custom painted this winter. Is this something that is easily accomplished in the home garage or should I have it done professionally? The part removal, that is, and not the custom paint job.
  4. hlmiskelly

    New Member from Northern Alabama

    I live outside of Huntsville, AL, and just bought a used 2011 FZ8. Although I already have a 2009 Triumph Bonneville, the FZ8 was the right bike at the right time and price. I knew the prior owner and it only had 1,600 miles on it. So far it has just some mild mods, including a new slip-on...