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  • Bike is treating me good so far. Still haven't gone on a decent ride yet. Did get the new turn signals installed, and got the new levers in yesterday. Gonna get those installed, and take it on a nice ride on a nice warm day.
    Got the new tube installed, and will say its very smooth now. No jerkiness at all. Don't think I like the new grips, gonna order some different ones. Might even do a little step by step for anyone out there.
    Lol..yea dude..the fing sucks! The place you got the tires does not offer a road damage package? Some around here do..some don't. I don't have it on mine because the place I got my tires didn't offer it..last place I had tires changed..they offered it up to 500 miles
    36 in the rear 34 in the front..if I'm going to do a super aggressive ride..then I will drop it a few in each..I've heard 30 30 from a buddy that races is the way to go..on the track..I check psi every few weeks..keep it up in pitbull stands so there is no pressure on the tires..therefore they stay constant for much longer.
    That I have no idea about..I measure 3100 ml and it still seemed too full to me..I've heard 3 quarts if perfect...idk tho..as long as you have a bubble at the top your good
    The reason I brought the plugs up is mine was having issues firing..changed plugs..issues gone..I opted to put in the iradinium ones..should last a bit longer
    Yessir..I stay away from bars these days..120 at eh bar for a few drinks or 30 for the whole bottle at a liquor store..California is FULL of homeless and beggers
    California has one of the highest death rates on a motorcycle

    People are just smart here lol

    Yes..wheelies are a minimum 700$ ticket as well as 2 points on the license ..4 and they take it..cops in L.A. Are looking for drugs and gangbangers..not really speeders
    Gravel based and never fully paved..L.A. Has mulholland drive a.k.a. Rnicky mouse on youtube
    I'm thinking about heading down that way on a ride tomorrow since I haven't been in WI for a while. Hopefully the weather cooperates. If you're around we could hit some of the roads together.
    I always head to the Mississippi on the WI side and go south for the really good rides. Around Welch is usually pretty fun too. I moved from Colorado 2 years ago and really miss riding in the mountains, so I hit up the bluffs as much as possible. It's the closest to good twisties that we can get.
    Hey! Looks like you're in Burnsville on a '13 too. Surprised I haven't seen you riding ..... I'm always watching for other 8s. I'm sure there are a few more in the area. We'll have to find some other ones and do a group ride sometime.
    I have seen someone else on the map from Burnsville, but haven't seen them active. There has to be more, we just have to look.
    well it had .6 miles on it when I rode off the lot. I got it from Hithching Post, and they were nice to deal with.

    Let me know if and when you come to pick up your part. We should at least meet up.
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