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  • What up man, just seen your post on my wall. I usually disappear for a while when the know-it-all's come out and I come back later :) Maybe I can get back in the habit of checking this every day again.
    hi you can delete my post for the dan moto exhaust sale it is on its way to a new owner thanx
    Hey man! Good to hear from you. It’s been so long since I’ve been on the site I had to reset my password….. Sorry I’ve been a stranger, I’ll try to log in and holler at ya’ll a little more. The wife and I are doing pretty good. We still see a counselor usually once a week, but things have been going so good that we are going to start going two weeks now.
    Is it me or is the garage not functioning? I get blank screen whenever i try to enter any garage.
    Thanks for the Friend request jspansel! And thanks for moderating a great forum. Lots of great info and people here. Keep up the good work!
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