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    What did you do to your bike today?

    After a long day of work I took the FZ8 out for a short ride down to our local lake, followed by a few miles of twisty back road and another few miles of wide open highway. Though only a 45 minute ride, it definitely was good for the soul.
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    What did you do to your bike today?

    With the unusually warm weather and no rain, I was able to take the FZ out for a few hours this weekend, followed by a clean-up. Ditto for the FJ. After nearly a month of not being able to ride either because of business or weather, these precious hours on the roads were just what my weary...
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    I agree, Bagman. The behavior of these riders in traffic is why motorcyclists get grief from cagers and law enforcement. You want to do wheelies and speed get your bike to a track or an empty parking lot.
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    Out and About Photos

    This looks like it could have been taken across the road from my house here in northern Alabama.
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    New guy - From Israel

    Welcome to the group and I really like the twin round light set-up. Nice.
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    Out and About Photos

    Love the directional sign on the garage.
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    What do you plan to own next?

    Up until last week I was planning on picking up the new Yamaha XSR700 when it became available in the US. But that has all changed with Yamaha's new XSR900, which should be available for ordering in the US in February with an April delivery. The question now is whether I go with the Yamaha...
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    What do you plan to own next?

    I am really excited about the recently shown XSR700 with its neo-retro look and its customization potential. The question is will I still be excited about the bike when - or should I say if - it finally hits the American shores.
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    *Rear Suspension Arm Failures* PLEASE READ

    Have these failures been tied to one particular year of bike? If these failures are occurring in all model years then it is unlikely to be associated with an improper treatment (many different lots of material would be used over several years) or with a design flaw (would have been fixed...
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    Out and About Photos

    How about a thread showing pictures of our FZ8s out and about? I'll start with this picture my '11 FZ8 taken a couple of months ago while cruising through downtown Huntsville, AL, on a Saturday morning.
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  12. Shoki Ready For Travel (A)

    Shoki Ready For Travel (A)

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    New Tires

    After picking up an industrial staple in my back tire I decided to replace both with Michelin Pilot 3 tires. I had been impressed with Michelin Pilots on two previous bikes and thought they would be a good fit on the FZ8, especially since I've been outfitting it for light touring. Is anyone...
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    Dumb Design: FZ Headlight Cover Buzz

    $150 is reasonable. Not interested in a tweed weave, however, just a checker-board weave.
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    Dumb Design: FZ Headlight Cover Buzz

    I would be interested in a single piece Cabon Fiber replacement.