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  • Hey you have marthy's underbelly exhaust and flashed ECU right? Do you still have your O2 censor connected. With the reflash do you still need your O2 sensor? Currently i have the O2 Optimizer that came with my PCV connected. If i remove the PCV and Optimizer and reflash my ECU would it cause any problem since we know the ECU needs input from the O2 sensor. Since our mods deviate greatly from the norm it feels like I should take a trip to Guhl and have then dyno the bike and do a custom tune to account for the shorten/catless exhaust, shorty can, cut airbox and KN filter. What do you think do custom tune/fuel map be justifiable or the standard one Guhl use will be fine.
    The bikes are looking good..I hope to put mine in shows too...any pics that are a little more recent of all your mods?
    Nice windscreen dude :) Mind if I ask where you got it? Or how you mounted it? I've been rocking the no windscreen look for like a year, don't dig the angles of the stock one on the Lucas can. Your bike is looking good :)
    hey dude, I rode around with the mivv back on...I freakin' love it. sounds even awesomer with a gutted cat. I don't think I'll go back to this SP Engineering can ever again. It'll be in the for sale section shortly. Thanks for workin' with me!
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